Property Agents and Real Estate Negotiators in Malaysia

Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Negotiator in Malaysia

Most people in Malaysia tend to terms both of them as estate agent since they both seems to be doing the same job. In actual fact, there is a different between both of them.

In laymen’s terms, estate agents are more experienced than the regular real estate negotiator and they need to obtain a certain level of experience, knowledge and education level.

In Malaysia, all practicing real estate agent need to have a license issued by the Board of Valuers , Appraisers and Estate agents. It is an offense to act as a property agent without a license.

All registered estate agents are required to have passed the written and oral exam set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents of Malaysia.

To maintain their estate agent license, all licensed real estate agent must take additional continuing education courses yearly above and beyond that which is already required. This is one of the reasons why licensed real estate agents are expected to maintain not only a higher level of work ethic, but also a strict code to maintain a level of honesty between all of the parties involved in the transaction, but they also possess also a greater wealth of knowledge and expertise of the real estate business.

A real estate agent may then employ up to 20 real estate negotiators to assist them in their day to day work. Estate agents are also required to monitor their negotiators to ensure that the negotiators are also adhered to the a strict code of ethics and standard of business dealing set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents of Malaysia.

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