Making Money Through Property Investment In Malaysia

Making Money Investing in Property

Making money in real estate is often perceived as a get rich quick scheme, and it’s really not that way. Just like any other investment, real estate is an investment that must not be entered into lightly.

No matter the amount of money you sink into your real estate endeavors, never forget that you could lose it just as easily as you invested it, just as with any other investment.

The most common means of investing in real estate is through rental properties. Many people will buy properties, fix them up (or not, lots of times) and then turn around and lease them to others in exchange for a monthly rent.

It is important to keep in mind when buying a property with the intention to rent out. If a family could afford to pay RM1,100 or RM1,200 a month just to rent a house, chances quite high that they will eventually  take out a mortgage and buy their own properties. Thus, it decreases the need for rental properties.

In Malaysia, the government is now trying to help the lower income group to own a house. Quite a number of incentives have been introduce to-date. From the waiver of stamp duty, encouraging developer to build cheaper home….. etc.

In order for the rental market to continue, rental rates must be reasonably priced. You can base a fair rent off of the value of the properties in the surrounding neighborhood.

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Life as an estate agent in Malaysia


Life as an estate agent in Malaysia

When client selects you as their agent they are already assuming that you possess a certain level of knowledge, understanding, and compassion for their situation.

You must make sure to keep their best interests at heart because they already think you do, and the repercussions can be rather nasty if you fail them–that’s what Errors and Omissions insurance is for, although that is another story, entirely.

Also, remember that real estate agents work overtime!

This is not a part time gig; the most important clients and those who are looking to make the bigger purchases (and more purchasing dollars equal more commission dollars for the agent) work a regular nine to five schedule or worse, and they may want to meet with you and look at properties during the evening hours or on the weekends, and several times a week when they are picky–and they usually are.

Helping people to buy and sell houses is a tough line of work. However, it can be said that real estate agents profession may be a rewarding job if one is successful in it.

If you are a family-oriented person or someone who likes to spend a lot of time to themselves or enjoying the more leisurely things in life and you are really not looking to give these things up (at least for a while), real estate may not be the right gig for you.

Generally, getting settled into the real estate business can take up to six months, or even a year! Of course, a year does sound like an extremely long time to get into an occupation, but if you think about it and take into consideration all of the steps that are involved, that time frame is fairly reasonable.

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